A strong employer
brand will move
your business.

From data to identity, we create an appealing and empowering employer brand universe within your corporate brand.

So, what’s the story of your employer brand?

Wanted: bright minds and true talent
Want to curb employee churn? Attract more qualified candidates? Boost employee satisfaction? Bridge company culture gaps? Or simply tell more people what a great workplace you are?

The time to prioritize your employer brand is now. Based on a solid strategic foundation, we craft that unifying story you want all your employees to want to share. To attract attention, win hearts, and let everyone know they’re part of something truly special.

We build and bring employer brands to life
Employer branding has always lit a special kind of fire around here. And we could tell you all about the prominent employer brands and communication we’ve developed for recognized Danish and international companies.

But we’d much rather talk about what we can do for yours.

Employer Brand Journey



We kick-start the brand process with a workshop.



We gather data about your culture, candidates, and competitors.


Brand Base

We identify your optimum positioning based on the findings.



We create your new employer brand concept and identity.



We bring your new employer brand to life.

Recent collaborations

We have created, sharpened, and activated employer brands for Danish and international companies, from SMBs to global enterprises.

“Truly understanding your culture, candidates, and competitors takes an outside-in perspective — to crystallize the very soul of your company and move toward a stronger position in the market. Ready to talk about your journey?”
Karim Frølund Jarrar Brand Director & Partner 0045 2535 7020 / kfj@pravda.dk

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