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At Inspari, performance and passion go hand in hand. You see, being an IT specialist should be HeartWork.


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The challenge
At Inspari, a leading Danish business intelligence and data company, skilled experts are in high demand as they are key to delivering excellent solutions — and attracting and retaining the right people is crucial to continue the company’s ambitious growth rates.

Over the years, Inspari has fostered a unique culture that creates a strong sense of togetherness and job satisfaction. So, the challenge was to encapsulate and convey the essence of their culture.

The solution
To boost employee pride and stimulate a strong sense of togetherness, we named the culture “HeartWork”. It acts as a headline for the entire culture and matches expectations from the very onset: We work hard, but there is a healthy balance between business and private life — as well as a real passion for the job.

To support the company’s repositioning in 2021, we revitalized the HeartWork concept and storytelling — and added the people promise ‘We are leading people’ to complete the employer branding platform and create a strong link to the new corporate brand promise: ‘Leading people — Leading business’.

Heartfelt passion meets hardcore performance

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