Podcast: Hungry for employer branding insights?

The 'Marketing Morgenmøde' podcast invited us for a chat about one of our favorite topics: employer branding.
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Co-hosts of the Danish podcast Marketing Morgenmøde, Anne Riisom and Peter Lauritsen, invited Brand Director & Partner Karim Frølund Jarrar to speak on a topic very near and dear to us here at the Home of Business Brands®.

In the hour-long episode, Karim shares his thoughts, best practices, and hands-on advice about how to build a strong employer brand — all based on his frontline expertise of building impressive employer brands for companies like BESTSELLER and Elopak.

From where to begin to engaging your employees, and from avoiding classic pitfalls to measuring impact — they covered all the essentials!

Listen to the episode on Spotify — and anywhere you get your podcasts.