Live Talk on demand: Corporate branding vs. employer branding

Employer Branding is just a no-brainer! Need some convincing? Watch Karim's Live talk and learn how to build a strong employer brand that will move your business.
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This live talk is in Danish with English subtitles.  

In this live talk, you will receive a thorough walkthrough of how to prioritize and handle your employer brand and how to get HR and Marketing to join forces. In just 30 minutes! 

More and more employees choose their workplace with their heart. It’s about gut feeling more than pure numbers. At the same time, attracting and retaining the brightest minds and hands across industries is more business-critical than ever.  

That’s why your company should start prioritizing your employer brand today. But how does Marketing relate to employer branding? How do you get started? Should HR take the lead? And how do you unite your various strengths into a uniform approach? 


Primary takeaways  

— The difference between employer branding & corporate branding 

— Facts and data on your employer branding efforts 

— Inputs on how to build a strong employer brand 

— Important employer branding KPIs 

— Inspiration from a range of real-life cases 



With a foundation in both theory and practice, you will get the answers (and much more) from Karim Frølund, Brand Director & Partner, Pravda.   

Karim has several international brand awards under his belt and 10 years of experience at Pravda. Every day, he helps companies set sail towards a stronger market position within corporate and employer branding. Within an impressive portfolio, Karim has been a key driver in developing the employer brands of BESTSELLER and Lidl. 


Target audience 

The webinar is aimed at decision-makers and practitioners who work with or are curious to learn more about employer branding. Your role is likely within HR, marketing, or communications. 

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