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Making your mark on the daily lives of millions of people is as real as it gets — and what defines a truly purpose-driven employer brand.


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The challenge
Elopak is a leading global supplier of carton packaging, founded by the Ferd Group in Norway in 1957. Today, Elopak employs 2,500 people and sells in excess of 14 billion cartons yearly across more than 70 countries.

Having grown into a truly global organization, the company needed a unified employer branding platform that could express what truly defines Elopak as a workplace.

The solution
What Elopak produces is part of almost everyone’s daily life. It’s something real. With a real and positive impact. And employees are empowered to make a real difference. So, we encapsulated these three elements in the new people promise: ‘Make it real’.

Along with this, we introduced the hero statement: ‘Our future is in your hands’ — creating a subtle reference to the everyday usage of cartons as well as empowerment and impact.

Real influence. Real unity. Real impact. Make it real.
Human-sized cartons in canteens and lobbies at Elopak's global locations create awareness and stimulate buzz.
“It has captured the essence of our workplace and given us a common vocabulary that is used on many occasions — and it is really enhancing and showcasing the pride we all feel for what we do for people, planet, and profit.”
Nete Bechmann CHRO Elopak

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