How to build a strong employer brand

The battle for bright minds and clever hands is tougher than ever. Now is the time to prioritize your employer brand.
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8 out of 10 people consider a company’s reputation and employer brand before even applying for a job. In other words, more and more employees are following their hearts rather than following a paycheck.

At the same time, we know that it easily costs more than EUR 50,000 to replace a key employee (one!) due to lost knowledge, reduced effectiveness, recruiting, onboarding, etc. All making the business case for employer branding close to a no-brainer (if you ask us… and reading this, you kinda did).

So, let’s dig into how to build a strong employer brand.

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A conceptual universe within your corporate brand

Think of your employer brand as being built within the borders of your corporate brand — with a strong fit that supports your overall brand direction.

At the same time, we want to create just enough conceptual elbowroom to convey a brand-new narrative of what makes your company an attractive workplace — unfolded through an overall People Promise and a supporting set of Employer Value Proposition (EVP) themes.



Push the perception on purpose

Like all strategic brand work, everything begins with identifying your strongest position in the market — based on solid insights. Your strongest position is the place where you’re perceived as the most relevant towards employees and candidates, the most differentiated from competitors, and the most authentic to your DNA and culture.





Create a spearhead to navigate your employer brand

Building a strong employer brand relies on uncovering cultural characteristics and identifying a set of Employer Value Propositions that define your company as a workplace. These can range from material to emotional EVPs.







How does it work? Based on research, we select and bundle the most relevant and differentiated EVPs into a set of different EVP themes — which serve as the core pillars that support and prove your overall People Promise. It can be anything from a tagline or a brand stamp to a core brand philosophy (check out a few examples of People Promises in our EB cases).

Your People Promise encapsulates the very essence of what you stand for as a workplace and is the spearhead guiding your employer brand narrative — and hence, perception — towards your optimum position.

So, what’s your story?


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