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BESTSELLER’s employer brand is based on an appealing sense of quid pro quo which is reflected in the ‘your’ and ‘our’ wordplay.


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The challenge

With more than 17,000 employees, the Danish fashion company BESTSELLER is a well-known brand — in Denmark.

However, the company’s go-to-market strategy with 20+ individual fashion brands means that the BESTSELLER brand itself has acquired little to no brand awareness throughout its European markets.

So, the challenge was to build an employer brand with a strong appeal to the brightest young European fashion candidates.

The solution

In close collaboration with BESTSELLER’s employer branding team, numerous focus groups and employee interviews were carried out to uncover cultural characteristics and decision drivers.

The findings were translated into six Employer Value Propositions (EVPs) and encapsulated in the overall Employer Promise ‘DESIGN YOUR FUTURE’.

The ‘your’ and ‘our’ wordplay adds a sense of quid pro quo to the employer promise. At BESTSELLER, you get the chance to shape your career AND you become part of a workplace where you are encouraged to make a difference.
BESTSELLER — Employer Branding, Ebru
The recurring ‘sign-off’ end frames tie the videos together and add a feeling of personal pride, commitment, and validation to the message.
BESTSELLER — Employer branding, Paul & Danique
Onboarding app introduces new employees to BESTSELLER and evokes a sense of belonging prior to their first day at work.
BESTSELLER — Onboarding app introduction
"To emphasize how everyone is encouraged to make a difference at BESTSELLER, each film ends with a uniform statement: I DEFINE BESTSELLER. Together with the ‘sign off’ end frame, this brings out the essence of the employer promise."
Karim Frølund Jarrar Brand Director Pravda

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