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From local SaaS experts to an international unicorn —
An honest and straightforward conversation about rebranding, transformation, and growth.
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This Live Talk is in Danish! 

Picture this: an event that feels like a live podcast with the audience as a part of the conversation.

In this live talk, you can tap into the enriching conversations from our B2B Gamechangers event on March 19. We delve into the successes and challenges of LMS365, a SaaS company on the verge of becoming a unicorn. This growth journey is not just inspiring but also a testament to the power of rebranding in today’s B2B landscape.

Join Mette Olesen from LMS365, Karim Frølund Jarrar, and Anders Led from the digital agency No Zebra as we discuss, debate, and dissect what rebranding and digital marketing have done for LMS365. In a relaxed and inclusive setting, you are given perspectives on how to rejuvenate a brand for growth while ensuring internal alignment.

Mette will take you behind the scenes to show how they tackled big decisions and how solid rebranding has placed them in the driver’s seat for digital growth and lead generation. Karim will share how he and his team revived LMS365’s brand, giving it a distinct and unique voice in the market. He will also reveal how they challenged LMS365 to dare even more – a “go big or go home” approach that secured the growth they dreamed of. Anders will demonstrate how LMS365 made a digital breakthrough with clever strategies that ensured a continuous flow of leads and noteworthy growth.


  • How to start a rebranding process
  • Inspiration for B2B lead generation
  • Insights for internal alignment
  • A demonstration of what rebranding can achieve for a B2B brand
  • Strategies to secure digital performance and ROI for complex and expensive B2B products


  • Sune Busk, Strategic Director & Partner at Pravda


  • Mette Olesen, CMO at LMS365
  • Karim Frølund Jarrar, Brand Director & Partner at Pravda
  • Anders Led, Digital Marketing Consultant at No Zebra


Who is this for: All business decision-makers and marketing specialists interested in the impact of branding and digital marketing on B2B, and how these initiatives can elevate your business and accelerate growth.

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