5 brand secrets for CEOs and Company Founders

A strong brand is a prerequisite for companies that want to rise above the rest and thrive. But exactly how can branding unlock the full potential of your company?
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Why should B2B CEOs and Founders focus on branding to drive new business opportunities?

Here are 5 brand secrets and reasons why we think branding is crucial for your company’s success.

1. — Establishes a unique identity

Did you know that 89% of successful B2B marketeers say brand awareness is their most important goal? Building a strong brand has proven to be a strategic superpower. But branding obviously goes beyond a logo or a tagline. It encompasses the perception, values, and promise your company communicates to customers, employees, and stakeholders. By establishing a unique and meaningful identity that resonates with your target audience, you strategically position your brand for business success.


2. — Makes you stand out from the crowd

In a saturated market, brand differentiation is crucial. According to a survey conducted by McKinsey, 82% of B2B executives believe that branding significantly affects their company’s ability to acquire new customers. So, what is your unique value proposition and how does it differentiate your brand from competitors? Clear and effective communication of your brand’s unique qualities will see you capture the attention and loyalty of your target audience.


3. — Builds trust and credibility

Branding is all about consistency. A study by Lucidpress found that consistent brand presentation can increase revenue by up to 33%. Make sure your brand is consistently represented across all touchpoints, including websites, social media, and customer interactions. This consistency builds trust and credibility, reinforcing your brand’s promise and making it memorable and recognizable in the minds of your customers.

"82% of B2B executives believe that branding significantly affects their company's ability to acquire new customers"

4. — Creates ambassadors

Employees are your brand’s most valuable advocates. When engaged and aligned with your brand’s values, employees become ambassadors who can significantly impact your company’s success. According to Gallup, highly engaged teams experience a 41% reduction in absenteeism and a 17% increase in productivity. Invest in internal branding initiatives, such as training programs and internal communication, and watch your employees embrace your brand’s vision, mission, and values, and – by extension – boost its strength.


5. — Leverages insights and creates growth

You know it, we know it – data is the new black! And in the digital age, this powerful tool can also guide brand strategy and decision-making. By leveraging data and analytics, you can gain valuable insights into your customers’ collective behavior, market trends, and the effectiveness of your branding efforts. Data-driven decision-making optimizes your brand strategies, helping you to identify areas for improvement and seize opportunities for growth.


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