Convert your exhibition to an online experience

In most B2B companies, the exhibition budget is one of the heaviest. And with good reason. But in a digital era, transforming events to online experiences is the new gold standard.
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In just a few weeks’ time – through hard work and clever thinking – Danfoss developed an online platform and converted exhibition materials to an online experience instead. We are happy to have made our contribution to the final result. 


Below you will find three examples on how to turn your traditional exhibition touchpoint into a series of digital touchpoints.

Create an online stand

An online showroom is a great way to share product news, stories, and inspiration. You can build it from the bottom up – or use templates, and it makes perfect sense to include video statements from your experts as well as animation or motion graphics to tell the story.

Present your product online

When leads have “visited” your exhibition stand, a great call-to-action is to have them book an online run-through product demonstration. To this end, your sales presentation is key, but you also have valuable tools as Prezi video at hand.

Create an online e-book

Save your money on glossy brochures. The format of choice is digital, and this includes your online e-books. The inclusion of videos, navigation bars and information pop-ups enhanches both the understanding and the digital experience.

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