Sharpen your sales presentation

A revitalized sales presentation is not a matter of aesthetics. It is a matter of business.
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Your sales staff can no longer rely on their ability to the read the room and front the customers. Their role transforms from physical representatives of your brand to online meeting hosts and narrators.

This is a game changer. And places huge emphasis on the presentation.

In the following, we show you three examples on how your points and USP’s will shine – through intelligent design and simple communication.


But first, here are some important general rules

— Optimize the presentation according to the meeting format and your sales tactics – one size does not fit all!

— Use a revitalized presentation as an ice-breaker – for both old and new customers

 Look professional – this includes layout, images, and graphics

— Forget about the “everything-on-one-slide” concept – more slides is almost always better

— Use clever navigation throughout the presentation

Here’s what we did—

If you talk about humans – then show humans.

Separate stories apart – team presentation and timeline on two slides.

Important points are easily lost – highlight the important.

Here’s what we did—

Loose the details – no one ever left a presentation thinking “that was too little”.

Less inside-out – more what’s in it for you.

Symmetry and uniform expression in the graphical elements brings calmness and clarity.

Here’s what we did—

Away with inconsistency in images and icons.

Make it appealing – it doesn’t have to look like a PowerPoint even if it is.

No more drowned messages.

Select five crucial presentation slides. Book one hour.

Get the input you need to make your USP’s stand out.

No strings attached. No nonsense.

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