Use film to connect with your customers

Film has never been easier to produce, more expected by your customers, or more cost-effective.
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You need to stop thinking about corporate films as one thing. It is many things. Below, we give you input and examples on how to utilize film as a great sales tool.

But first, here is the Pravda showreel to show you how our customers have communicated complex matters up until now.

A good approach is to think film as tools before, during, and after a customer touchpoint. Before a meeting is where you create awareness and curiosity. During a meeting is where you go into depth with brand and product information. After a meeting is for the technical.  

We’ll show you.

Cold canvas is notoriously hard.
But reaching out to new and potential customers with a showcase or intriguing film makes it easier.


Spec sheets and details are great. But during an introductory meeting, you need to stay in the helicopter. Product-oriented films helps you stay on track and simplifies the message, while maximizing the value story being told.


The meeting is over. The lead is curious for more. Why not use film to provide further details? The living images are perfect as leave-behind that will keep your business, brand, and product top of mind.