brands to life
with film.

We translate facts and corporate lingo into captivating and engaging films that humanize your brand and convey your story.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A film, countless.

Get under your audience’s skin
Ambitious, bold brands need to push people’s perceptions to claim stronger positions and drive business forward. Film allows you to tell stories, evoke emotions, and establish connections in a way that is unmatched by any other medium.

This makes it a powerful tool for generating awareness, creating clear communication, and strengthening bonds — ensuring you’re not only seen but remembered. Hold our popcorn.

Not your run-of-the-mill film setup
At Pravda, you get access to an experienced, lean crew with the skills, equipment, and ambitions reserved for large scale-ups.

Top-tier brand strategists, storytellers, designers, and film producers to help emotionally anchor your communication. On brand and on strategy. From initial concept and storyboard to the final frame.

Aaaaand action!

60% of consumers and 50% of executives prefer watching a video over reading about a subject.
The B2B Institute—

Film Journey™



Strategic scoping of the task,
target audience, and communication needs.



Development of creative ideas exemplified through a voice-over and conceptual takes.



Production of a detailed storyboard, planning, and coordination of the recordings.



Recording on-site and in
the different locations according to the storyboard.



Editing and assembly of footage, music, speak etc., presentation and corrections.

Recent collaborations

We have produced large stand-alone films and smaller campaign films for companies of all sizes, from local SMBs to global enterprises.



“Film can be used at every step of the customer journey. It creates a persuasive hook, delivered in a condensed and effective way. If you aren’t convinced, let us show you. Reach out and let's talk.”
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