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More than ever, your colleagues and customers are craving connection. And as a leader, you have a responsibility to feed their appetite. They’re looking to you for guidance, reassurance, inspiration, and excitement — and it’s time to seize the opportunity to channel your brand’s mission and vision for the future into a film that resonates with your audience.

Let’s start with the numbers

There’s no question that the way we work has changed forever: McKinsey estimates that 20%–25% of workforces in advanced economies will continue working from home 3–5 days per week, and that office space will be accordingly reduced by around 30%. And let’s not forget the fact that business travel is estimated to be permanently reduced by 20%.

Whether you’re a loyal Zoomer or a Teams trooper, meeting with colleagues and customers over video is part of our daily lives. And while it has proven to be surprisingly effective — we’re still collaborating, still creating, still producing — it’s important to keep the challenges top-of-mind.

In a recent survey of UK-based remote workers, 60% of respondents are challenged by a lack of team spirit while 65% struggle with feelings of isolation and disengagement. And in the same survey, 61% of management cited employee engagement as a key priority.

So imagine the impact film can have in creating a rallying cry to your team and customers. In reinforcing the strength and vision of your brand and business. And in showing your customers how you are moving forward, growing, and embracing the future.

Produce bond-building brand films

We’ll cut to the chase: producing inspiring film communication is a powerful tool to strengthen bonds, reignite enthusiasm, and boost your brand into a new era. It plays an integral role in shaping your brand’s identity, staking a claim in the market, and generating awareness among your audience.

According to research from McKinsey, we’re in the midst of a paradigm shift for how CEOs are leading their teams and engaging customers: “CEOs are recognizing that the barriers to boldness and speed are less about technical limits and more about such things as mindsets toward what is possible.”

“CEOs are recognizing that the barriers to boldness and speed are less about technical limits and more about such things as mindsets toward what is possible.”
The CEO Moment: Leadership for a New Era —McKinsey

And with film, the possibilities are virtually limitless. From kick-off meetings to annual reports, and from trade fairs to brand movies — films cut through the noise, create impact, and can reach vast audiences.

Connect with your team — and show your customers what you’re all about
What better time than now to revive your brand mission, vision, and values with a powerful film. Brand films have the power to instill feelings of loyalty and commitment from your employees while sparking interest, intrigue, and inquiries from your customers.

Tell the story behind your product, solution, or service
In lack of trade fairs and face-to-face client meetings, authentic storytelling can supercharge your portfolio of products, solutions, or services — and using film as a medium to communicate nurtures an emotionally charged connection between your customers and your business.

Seize the moment — guided by our top-shelf film team

And with that, we say it’s time to seize the moment. As we gear up for a less-restricted work environment, now is the time to start your film production planning to prepare content that will satisfy your audience’s appetite for information, inspiration, and impact.

Whether it’s a brand movie or an annual report presentation, any type of communication is possible with film. Here’s an overview of what we typically do—but the sky’s the limit.

Boost your brand identity

  • Brand film
  • Internal strategy films
  • Employer branding films

Make engaging marketing campaigns

  • Sales activation
  • Product campaign films
  • How-to/educational films
  • Trade exhibition films
  • Event invitation films

Nurture connections with organizational announcements

  • Stakeholder communication
  • Annual reports
  • Leadership principles
  • Summits
  • Kick-offs
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

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