Pravda just got even more international

Expanding our creative team with a global POV.
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This is an international story. From L.A. to Aarhus. She made it. We made it. Together. Us and A. Angelika is our new US/UK Copywriter hailing from sunny California, bringing a global POV to our awesome team of creative wordsmiths. Together with the talented Brand Building department, she’ll be creating sharp, powerful international communications for bold B2B brands.

To get to know her a little better, we put Angelika in the hot seat with a few random questions:

What’s in your professional luggage?
I spent the last 3.5 years as the US Marketing Manager for Danish luxury furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & Søn – which was a masterclass in cultivating a truly global brand and communications. That experience is bolstered by my BA in Journalism, a discipline that still very much informs how I approach creative work.

Your first impression of Aarhus?
Aarhus is the intersection of everything I want in a home base: metropolitan yet quaint; surrounded by beautiful, diverse nature; and a solid feeling of community. There’s a distinct local culture and work-life balance is a real thing! I’m also delighted by the number of bakeries in my neighborhood.

Your first impression of Pravda?
Without hyperbole, behind Pravda is the kindest, most intelligent, inspiring, and super fun creative team. I literally would have swum across the cold, choppy Atlantic to get here (and all the other bodies of water along the way). It’s that special.

What’s up with your Danish surname?
You mean my Danish street cred?! I married into the Danish way of life – my husband is an Aarhus native. But my super Swedish maiden name (Sjostrom) wouldn’t be any less misleading about my American origins.

A favorite piece of life advice?
The only way out is through. It’s fodder for cheesy bumper stickers and borderline existential, but the message is useful in so many situations. Embrace change, be ready to pivot, and don’t look back. It’s all part of the ride!

3 things you’d want on a desert island?
— A family photo album
— The London Trilogy Book Series by Martin Amis
— A reaaaaally big sketchbook

Your favorite thing to cook?
I’m all about baking salty, gooey chocolate chip cookies. Lots of them.

A favorite guilty pleasure?
Hugh Grant romcoms. Please don’t judge me.