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A distinctly B2B-flavored brand universe to complement a new brand identity.


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The challenge

Norlys was formed in 2020 when energy and telecom companies SE and Eniig merged. As part of the merger, the new brand received a complete brand identity; but when it came time to launch in the market, top management decided to rework the B2B-focused segment of the brand to clarify and distinguish its value propositions. To ensure overall brand cohesion, the B2B rework had to function within a ‘one brand’ strategy; ensuring both visual and communicative consistency across segments.

The solution

Within the existing brand identity, we reworked, enhanced, and added subtle design elements to give the B2B brand its own unique character. The result is a consistent and recognizable tone-of-voice and visual direction that integrates with the ‘one brand’ strategy while remaining clearly B2B. Following the brand design, we produced an ambitious, national launch campaign across platforms such as outdoor, social media, and national television to create brand awareness for the B2B offerings.

A distinctly B2B brand promise was developed and leans on the existing identity to ensure the overall 'one brand' strategy.
As part of the national launch campaign, we developed a commercial for the Danish national television station TV2 NEWS that was also distributed via social media.
Following the launch campaign, we developed a social media-focused sales campaign highlighting select offerings. The campaign outperformed the group's previous initiatives.
To launch the new B2B brand, we developed an ambitious launch campaign across TV, SoMe, outdoor, and print.
We developed ads to run in the major Danish business media promoting brand awareness and highlighting Norlys' B2B offerings.
As a supplement to national media, the campaign activities also included advertisements in industry media focusing on select target groups with targeted messages.

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