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Go big and go home. BoligPortal is Denmark’s biggest matchmaker when it comes to property rentals. And their new brand platform is the perfect match between B2B and B2C.


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The challenge

With 4 million annual visitors, BoligPortal is — by far — Denmark’s biggest online platform for property rentals. As part of a repositioning strategy, BoligPortal wanted to unite their B2B and B2C brands under one shared umbrella — to gain greater brand coherence, boost brand power, and truly claim their market-leading position.

The solution

With a One Brand-strategy, we created a brand platform that allows BoligPortal to cement their market dominance with one shared brand promise — ‘Denmark’s biggest rental platform’ — while keeping the flexibility to target professional landlords and private tenants differently. Our reworked visual identity reclaims BoligPortal’s well-known orange color and house-shaped logo while adding a new digital edge to the brand expression.

The iconic house-shaped logo is now brought to life as giant supergraphics taking over the skyline — claiming attention and a leading brand position.
The revitalized identity bridges exactly what the BoligPortal brand is known for — the flawless unity between national presence and digital perfection.
Out-of-home media ensures strong brand recognition and positioning by constantly repeating BoligPortal's brand promise, color, and house-shaped logo.
Digital markers create an intuitive and digital-first brand expression — even in print media.
Simple, intuitive, and confident. True market-leading communication in everything from brand awareness to product campaigns.

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