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A matter of chemistry

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Uni-Tankers is not only shipping chemicals and oil. They are shipping trust. To emphasize superior people skills along with expertise in handling hazardous liquid cargo, we infused the brand identity with a chemical and winning formula.


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The challenge

Uni-Tankers is a global shipping company with offices in Denmark, Turkey, France, and the USA — and part of United Shipping and Trading Company with an annual turnover of +11 million USD. Their outdated brand identity needed to be revitalized to claim the company’s position as leaders within their market niche: shipping chemicals and oil.

The solution

With a crystal-clear reference to chemical formulas, we created an identity where hyphens and lowercase numbers are key components in a truly distinct brand expression — reflecting Uni-Tankers’ market-leading expertise in handling chemicals and oil as well as their keen attention to interpersonal chemistry. All encapsulated in the new brand promise: A matter of chemistry.

A brand identity infused with a chemical formula.
There are people and then there are people with superior experience and know-how about handling hazardous liquid cargo.
The chemical formula-written style adds a truly unique and distinct flavor to all branded assets — supporting the brand promise across all touchpoints.

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