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Mind your data.

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Bla bla… When you know how to listen, data doesn’t just talk. It roars. That’s why, at Mind and Co. every piece of software is developed to solve a unique customer need – and unleash mind-blowing business potential.


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The challenge

Minds and Co. is a consulting and development company focused on data utilization in the global renewable energy sector. Here, an experienced team of passionate techies with business smarts – also known as Minders – empower both enterprises and the entire industry with tailored intelligence.

But with an intangible market approach that had proven difficult to explain in words – combined with a journey to expand their position from wind power to renewables, we were given the task of creating an aspiring and recognizable brand identity.

The solution

Minds and Co.’s new brand platform introduces the brand promise ‘Mind your data. Power your business’. In addition to reflecting brand uniqueness and domain expertise, it highlights the clear offering that as close partners, Minds and Co. enable customers to use their data to drive business results.

Visually, we developed a unique brandmark based on the three vertical rounded lines of the ‘m’ in the lowercase logo. Illustrating a rising graph, it supports the company’s core business of analyzing data while showing the business power of mindful partnerships.

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