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Not just anyone can work at Lidl. You have to be world-class—like the employer branding platform that delivered 40% more applications.



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The challenge

With a bold ambition to reach 200 stores in Denmark, Lidl wanted to refresh their Danish employer branding platform to support their new strategy amidst fierce competition for retail talent.

The aim was to broaden the platform’s scope while emphasizing a more holistic and collective approach. A distinct yet scalable communications platform would be able to embrace Lidl’s employer branding today as well as tomorrow.

The solution

Based on thorough research, including interviews and a nationwide tour of all 139 stores, the essence of Lidl’s DNA became clear: world-class unity, world-class ambitions, and world-class career opportunities.

Utilizing these insights, we created the top-shelf People Promise ‘Sammen er vi verdensklasse’ (in English ‘Together we are world-class’), highlighting the unique feeling of togetherness at Lidl and the many national and international career paths available.

With their new platform, Lidl is proudly and rightfully claiming their true sweet spot in the market—proven by a 40% increase in job applications just 12 months after launch.

"I’m particularly excited about how we’ve engaged our world-class employees from A-Z. The employer brand’s foundation is rock solid and rooted in input from thorough research, interviews, and 139 store visits."
Hauke Daene CHRO Lidl

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