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Long-lasting agency-client relationships place high demands on continual creative improvements and the ability to offer professional advice that keeps pushing the limits.


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Danfoss has worked with Pravda for many years, and every year the boundaries of creativity and possibilities expand. Since the latest recession, Danfoss has undergone a major transition – emphasizing their brand efforts more and more each year. All this time, Pravda has helped sustain these brand activities through countless concepts, campaigns, and promotions that help position both the overall Danfoss brand and its separate divisions.

By leveraging strategic insights, uninhibited creativity, business sense, and continued curiosity, we have supported Danfoss in their brand journey for more than 10 years. Introducing feelings to fact-based engineering. Building narratives that shape the master brand story. And imbuing relevance and human presence to all brand activities – across markets, languages, and cultures.

Using strong project management to guide every project smoothly to its deadline and offering professional advice to secure the best and most effective solution. Every time – every year.

Now, see for yourself.

Energy and Resources
Danfoss — Kings of Cooling
Michael Bechara Eg
"This makes Danfoss kind of a dream client. Always adding new data to our years of experience with them. Always facing a new day of strategic creativity."
Michael Bechara Eg Executive Creative Director & Partner Pravda

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