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From a distinct brand platform, a new brand identity communicates exactly how dcc – a leading reseller of surplus IT adds value for their customers.


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The challenge

Essentially a mix between a classic wholesaler and an IT company, dcc buys and resells brand-new surplus IT but also restores, refines, and resells used IT equipment. However, dcc was faced with the classic ‘middleman’ issue: it was unclear how they added real value for their customers. They failed to leave a mark. So, what do you do when your value is unclear? You turn to branding, quite literally.


The solution

Based on the new brand promise “Signed. Sealed. Delivered”, the brand identity unfolds as to how dcc adds extra value in everything they do. The design incorporates literal branding elements such as a logo, inspired by wax seals, that stamps the brand promise on all packages – more than 100,000 annually.

Additionally, the brand promise helps to unify dcc’s previously fragmented three-part organization. ‘Signed’ when buyers find the best deal, ‘Sealed’ when sellers seal the deal, and ‘Delivered’ when warehouse technicians refine and ship the products. Each element helps to move the IT reseller into another league entirely. Allowing the middleman to finally leave his mark.

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