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Merging 2 companies is potentially a threat to any brand, regardless of strength. The stronger and more relevant the brand, the better positioning you will get.    


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The challenge

When GPV acquired market competitor Enics, they already had a well-equipped brand voice and position based on the customer promise “Accomplish more.” For more than 10 years, GPV have continuously invested in a strong brand with a clear and appealing story and a visual presentation across platforms. GPV and Pravda have gone through several rebranding processes through the years, keeping the brand relevant and current.

A Brand Strength Analysis was conducted to determine the strength of both brands in the M&A, and ultimately the two companies decided to proceed under the GPV brand. The challenge was to combine two cultures through strong transition communication while building a narrative that could unite both companies and create pride and motivation.

The solution

Pravda created a new brand transition narrative for the merger while revitalizing the 2 brands as one. The tagline “One. New. Leader” served as the guiding star and was deeply rooted in the integration process from A-Z. Pravda helped frame the narrative from top management all the way to specific assets used at all global locations.

Elements from both brands were used in the initial transition communication – and GPV’s brand identity was afterward applied and integrated fully across all locations via a running roll-out. The arrow from the GPV logo plays the leading role in the visual identity providing simple yet effective visual brand recognition and illustrating progress and direction. As a graphical element, it has countless possibilities and continues to be the epitome of the GPV brand for years to come.


A narrative that unites both companies while creating pride and motivation.
"Our 10 + years of partnership with Pravda has been an important lever in ensuring that our brand stands strong, is sustainably relevant to our stakeholders, and ready for even more growth."
Bo Lybæk CEO GPV
For more than 10 years, GPV has continuously invested in a strong brand.

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