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Specialized software and sophisticated design combine to form an award-winning brand design.


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The challenge

Fintech startup Mazepay has set out to simplify corporate spend in large enterprises. With clever software, Mazepay makes procurement smarter, faster, and cheaper.

Selling its software through major banks, Mazepay needed an identity that reflects their challenger position and also works in the high circles of leading enterprises and banks.

But how do you make sense of intricate financial processes? How do you navigate the maze of complexity?

By letting core design elements subtly communicate the message of smarter procurement.

The solution

We looked to the inherent motion of color gradients and the contemporary and fundamental expressions of basic geometry. And we found what we were searching for.

The gradient colors come to life through several geometric shapes that seamlessly connect to form a single super graphic. Shapes that hint at transactions, monetary systems, statistics, and mathematical axes.

It all comes together. So well in fact, that the rebranding of Mazepay received a 2019 Red Dot Award in the category ‘Brand Design & Identity’.

Howl with your fellow wolves. But make sure your howl sets you apart.
Mazepay— Through the maze

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