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Strategic brand positioning and emotional storytelling go hand in hand in a global awareness campaign for Getinge — a leading medico provider within healthcare and life sciences worldwide.


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The challenge

As a life science leader, Getinge operates across different markets — with different levels of awareness. In many regions, customers only know Getinge for one or few product categories — but not their wide span of holistic offerings. To break this silo-based brand perception, we created a global and value-based awareness campaign that moves the focus from the WHAT to the WHY. From being a provider of stand-alone products to being an enabler across every step of the life science journey.

The solution

The strategic campaign platform ‘Bringing Science to Life’ addresses all key stakeholders across the life science value-chain. From architects, engineers, scientists and laboratory managers to production managers and C-suite decision makers — shedding light on Getinge’s impressively comprehensive portfolio from start to finish. From research laboratories to pharmaceutical production. From finding the cure to producing the cure. From science to life.

With a brand awareness film as the hero asset, the campaign reached over one million stakeholders within life science.
1 million stakeholders reached.

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