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Pravda means truth — and that means everything to us

Pravda is a dedicated B2B brand agency with roots dating back to 1969. We’re extremely proud of our +50-year-long legacy — and even more proud of our current journey towards owning the position as being the Home of Business Brands® in the Nordic region.

With us, you’ll work with around 30 top-notch senior profiles distributed across strategists, project managers, brand developers, designers, copywriters, and filmmakers. We often have sore cheeks from laughing together — and we always get a fire in the eye from creating brand identities and concepts with international flight altitude.

We love the atmosphere at our old “Postgaarden” in the heart of Aarhus. Here, there’s room to be professional and personal. For a walk during the lunch break. To enjoy our great lunch arrangement together over a “røverhistorie.” And for a sensible work-life balance and a pension and salary that matches your experience and competencies. But what we love most is our open and honest culture, which we’ve nurtured for over half a century.

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