Pravda continues as Danfoss’ preferred partner agency

'Preferred partner agency'. It sure has a nice ring to it.
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Pravda recently participated in an agency pitch for the Danfoss Group and has yet again been selected as a preferred partner agency. With it, Pravda becomes part of a new agency set-up that will strengthen Danfoss’ international marketing activities.

The collaboration between Pravda and Danfoss dates back to 2004 and since then we have worked on more than 2,000 projects. So, it was only natural to make an offer when Danfoss made the announcement last year, that they would consolidate their agency collaboration on fewer, central agencies.

During the pitch, agencies were invited to pitch for a specific job – for Pravda, this meant working on a global product campaign for Danfoss Cooling. We won the pitch, and the campaign will go live in collaboration with one of Danfoss’ global distributors.

According to Mette Munk, Danfoss Group Branding & Design, choosing Pravda as a preferred partner was based on our industry insights and understanding of the Danfoss business.

“We have worked with Pravda for more than 14 years and this has given our steady Pravda team a special understanding of our world. Pravda is not just a supplier, but a close partner that always excels by daring to challenge the status quo and delivering effective campaigns and solutions – across our markets and business units. So, it is clear-cut that we will continue and expand the collaboration,” Mette Munk explains.

Saying ‘no’ has ensured the quality

Part of the victory dates back to 2015 when Pravda went against the industry flow and decided to end all B2C business and focus entirely on B2B communication and branding.

According to CEO Mette Hejl, this focus has played a significant part in allowing Pravda to solve even more international jobs for the Danish business.

“If you want to excel at something, you can’t be a jack of all trades. You need to make choices and focus 100 percent. We are on a journey to become part of the global branding elite and in all modesty, I think we are doing pretty well by becoming a preferred partner for Danfoss. Obviously, this is an obligation and so we have recently hired new strategic talent and appointed a new partner to support our journey,” says Mette Hejl.