Senior Concept Developer / Art Director

We’re looking for a unicorn to join our award-winning brand agency.
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Are you that rare breed that speaks both business and boldness fluently? And can you be the leading mastermind all the way from strategic scoping to killer concepts?

Then you might be our new Senior Concept Developer / Art Director.

As we move into our spacious new home ‘The Kettle House’ in Aarhus’ historic Latin Quarter and target the next step in our growth journey, we think one of those extra desks might have your name on it.

You’re the one who instinctively cracks the creative code and comes up with the brilliant idea that is as obvious as it is awesome – and you know how to present it in a way that captures and convinces. Your aesthetic compass is pitch-perfect and your strategic flair simply rocks.

Oh, and you even dare to suggest that winning headline that leaves our copywriters nodding with respect, however, your home turf is everything visual and design. Most importantly, you’re incredibly friendly and skilled – and you’ve been around the block plenty of times. You know you’ve got this.


Conceptual mastermind who craves awards  

As our new Senior Art Director, you’ll join an experienced and award-winning team of senior designers, motion graphics specialists, brand strategists, wordsmiths, and filmmakers working with our broad range of international B2B clients spread across the globe.

You’ll primarily be working on concept development – from briefing and scoping to ideation, pitch, and execution. Be it creative campaigns, product launches, brand building, motion graphics or film together with our in-house film production team.

Your job is to bridge business aspirations and brand positioning with strategic creativity and brilliant ideas. Sometime as a creative sparring partner. Most often as the creative lead from A-Z. Always as a team.

This takes a sound understanding of when to play within the box and when to rewrite the rules. Needless to say, your branding and marketing backpack is stuffed – so you have the tips and tools to be an advisor for our clients on both a strategic and tactical level.

Whether your experience comes from an agency or freelance background is not important. What matters is that you always bring a can-do attitude, personal punch, team spirit, and a keen sense of quality-consciousness to every task — the simple and the complex — from creative development to client pitches.


We’re pretty damn proud of being Pravda 

Pravda is a dedicated B2B brand agency established in 1969. We’re proud of our 50-plus-year heritage — and even prouder of our current journey towards truly cementing our position as the Home of Business Brands® in Scandinavia.

At Pravda, you’ll be working with a growing team of almost 40 top-shelf senior advisors and award-winning strategic creatives. We like to have serious fun — uniting the very best of uncompromising professionalism with weekly runs, CrossFit workouts after hours, wine tasting, and the like.

We embrace a diverse and international environment — and with a growing group of Pravdanes having joined us from abroad, English has become our first language of choice.

We love the homely and ambitious vibe in our brand new (yet 130-years-old) home in Aarhus’ buzzing Latin Quarter. Dubbed ‘The Kettle House’, it is an old factory transformed into a beautiful and charming workspace with plenty of room to unleash your full potential, team up for ideation sessions with ‘awe-ward-some’ colleagues.

However, what we love the most is the warm and welcoming culture that we have grown over half a century.


Does the shoe fit?

We’re looking for a full-time colleague based within driving distance from Aarhus — apart from that, we’re pretty flexible in terms of work-from-home-related matters and the like.

As many of our clients do not speak ‘rød grød med fløde’, you need to be able to convey your concepts, present, and communicate in English. However, some degree of ‘Danglish’ is acceptable – if not mandatory – as it will only make the rest of us feel less awkward.

So, if you think you’d fit these shoes, we would love to hear from you as soon as possible. We’ll be inviting people in for interviews as soon as interesting candidates pop up.


Any queries?

If you have any questions regarding the position, please don’t hesitate to contact our Executive Creative Director & Partner, Michael Bechara Eg at


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