Mette Hejl makes The M List 2022

She's done it again!
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For nearly two decades, Mette’s led Pravda with passion, vision, and full-circle competency. And we’re so happy that Dansk Markedsføring recognizes her outstanding professional performance.

Over the last year, Mette and our leadership team have spearheaded initiatives to further solidify our position as a leading Nordic B2B agency:

  • Welcoming Niels Ahrengot, the super talented CEO of Implement Consulting Group to Pravda’s board
  • Adding two amazing existing team members as Partners: Sune Busk, Strategic Director and Partner, and Karim Frølund Jarrar, Brand Director and Partner
  • Onboarding new employees from across the globe with specialized competencies
  • Crystallizing our focus on corporate, employer, and sustainability branding
  • Achieving a AAA credit rating for the 10th consecutive year

And all of this so we can help our customers bring their B2B brands to life with strategic flair and creative fire. Plus, we can’t deny that Mette’s a leading woman in business — who’s achieved what she has today with integrity and a completely badass attitude.