Pravda welcomes two new partners

Two familiar faces take on new roles. Sune Busk and Karim Frølund have joined the partnership.
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Oh snap! Pravda just leveled up.

Our very own Sune Busk and Karim Frølund have accepted positions as Partners in Pravda.

Between the two of them, they have 17 years of seniority at Pravda. A long time to stick around at any company but even rarer in our industry.

The induction marks an important part of our overall strategy — to place Pravda among the top B2B brand agencies in the Nordic region.

After all, our mission is to lead the new wave of ambitious, bold, B2B brands that recognize the power of strategic creativity.

In addition to taking on more responsibility in the daily operations, Sune and Karim will continue as Strategic Director and Brand Director respectively.

And they will of course continue to leverage strategic positioning and award-winning creativity to build and activate bold and ambitious B2B brands.

Because that’s what makes Pravda the Home of Business Brands.