Kick-start your employer branding journey

Ready to get started with strategic employer branding? Or do you need our help to get buy-in from your organization? Don’t worry. We’ve got two offers that will help you kick-start your employer branding journey!
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Book free sparring or buy-in session

A one hour sparring session with our Brand Director, Karim Frølund. Online or in the Aarhus area.

At the sparring session, we’ll focus on how to bridge your current employer branding efforts with your future ambitions. We’ll talk about your strengths and untapped potentials in terms of attraction, retention, and employer brand awareness. Based on the topics discussed, you’ll get a brief summary with key recommendations on how to strengthen your employer brand.

Alternatively, you can use the sparring session to gather key stakeholders in your organization for a presentation of ‘The Business Potential of Strategic Employer Branding’. In this presentation, Karim will go through the why, the how, and the what of employer branding to help you gain organizational buy-in and commitment – and to see the great potential of investing in employer branding.


Book a kick-start workshop  

Three hours workshop with our Brand Director, Karim Frølund.

Based on your pre-workshop input and desktop research, we’ll tailor a three hours workshop focusing on uncovering your key Employer Value Propositions (EVPs).

The workshop will take us through a series of exercises designed to give a common understanding of your employer brand DNA and ideal positioning. After the workshop, you’ll get a roadmap with key conclusions and recommendations on how to navigate your employer brand towards a stronger position in the market – with optimum relevance, differentiation, and authenticity.

Workshop with 2 facilitators and up to 8 participants: DKK 20,000


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