SDGs: From doing good to excellent business

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are on top of most business execs’ agenda.
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And with good reason.

For the first time in history, 193 nations have committed themselves to a shared goal and most interestingly — from our perspective — businesses across industries play a vital role in reaching the ambitious goals.

At Pravda, we have worked long (and hard) with B2B companies’ responsible business agendas — from CSR to SDG — and we continue to educate ourselves and our customers about the huge potential hidden within this type of work.

Among other things, we have initiated a SDG Panel with the participation of some of the most well-renowned companies in Denmark — and we will share more information on this as the year progresses.

Are you working on implementing SDGs as part of your business? And are you interested in knowing how to convert sustainable ambition to competitive advantages, you are very welcome to reach out.

Please contact Strategic Director and Partner, Sune Busk at sb@pravda-live.local or +45 2259 2239.