Why bar-setting B2B brands call Pravda home

Wild guess: At least two of the reasons apply to your brand, too.
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At Pravda, we fashion ourselves as the Home of Business Brands.

Brand Sherpas to B2B companies.

Most of them international. All wildly ambitious.

And while our clients have different needs, strengths, and ambitions, they all share the same goals.

To grow.

To win market share.

And to set the bar for B2B branding.

Why they come a-knocking?

So why do they come to Pravda?

They all have wildly different starting points, but our services are usually centered around the same challenges. The same issues.

To help you identify why you might need the help of a brand agency, we have compiled our client’s most common reasons for working with us.

The reasons why they call Pravda home.

Perhaps you recognize some?

1. Fresh competition. You are being challenged by new players with new mindsets. Who dare to break with the “this-is-how-we-used-to-do-things” mentality. This makes it more important than ever to emphasize your brand positioning and customer offerings.

2. Growing bigger. You plan to conquer new markets. That’s great. But suddenly you can’t rely on the experience of local sales reps or your national reputation.

3. New faces in high places. A reshuffle of management calls for new ways of doing things – and a new brand identity is needed to set the new direction and emphasize how these changes help customers, employees, and any other stakeholders in between.

4. Activation. Last year, you spent a tons of energy and resources developing a new and improved brand identity. It looks great on paper, but there’s one problem: you don’t really know how to activate it in your everyday work.

5. The deceitful mirror. You face an unpleasant, and not least business-critical, gap between how you see yourself and how customers perceive you. Perhaps sales are decreasing because you are perceived as dusty and slow-moving, which is quite the opposite of how you feel?

6. What’s going on? You are confused. This is perfectly normal. Times are changing, and in B2B, time is in turbo-mode. New possibilities and buzzwords are emerging at the speed of light, making it harder than ever to know what to do and make the most of your budget.

7. The sound barrier. You perform a lot of branding initiatives but nobody seems to listen. More and more B2B companies are streamlining their branding and marketing initiatives, so the need for a strategic and creative approach is greater than ever if you want to stand out and break the sound barrier.

That’s it.

Now, the next step in your buyer journey is to go explore our work.

Alternatively, skip to the conclusion and contact our CEO & Partner Mette Hejl now.

We look forward to welcoming you home.