The shockingly neglected employer value proposition

Employers, it’s high time you defined your value.
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Every business has an overall value proposition.

It’s the reason to believe. The justification for your services and products. The very reason you are able to sell anything.

An extraordinary amount of effort undoubtedly went into forming this proposition. And most likely, it’s constantly reworked to fit the changes in the market and stay ahead of the competition.

So, while you could argue that your overall value proposition makes up the very essence of your company, there is something even more crucial.

Your main resource. The number one thing you can’t operate without.

People. The men and women who bring your value proposition to life and enable your business to actually run.

But when did you last define your value proposition as an employer? Your employer value proposition – or EVP for short.

Just as your value proposition as a business needs to be communicated and delivered, so does your value proposition as an employer.

But paradoxically, most companies only pay their employees a fraction of the attention they spend on developing the business as a whole.

Simply put, an employer value proposition is the value you offer current and potential employees. From pay and professional opportunities to your company culture, tasks in the actual job, and how your company is organized.

From a business standpoint, it’s bizarre to witness the overall disregard of the value that companies offer their employees. The workforce is the single most important resource in any company, and yet they receive so little attention.

It’s high time employers defined their value. Because in the end, it will have a significant influence on the company’s total value proposition.

We’ve covered the five overall parameters that define your employer value propositions at length in our article on how to attract and retain top talent. Now go define your value.