What we expect from you

Success is a two-way street.
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A great client-agency relationship is all about matching expectations. It’s the prerequisite for all the great creative work that follows.

And so, if you’re thinking about working with us (good on you!), know that we expect a lot from our clients. That’s why you can expect so much more from us.

This is what we would like from you:

Provide world-class briefings

We’re great at analysis, but we’re are not mind readers. We really depend on you to show us how we can help you. It’s really a classic case of ‘help us help you’.

If you provide us with the best possible briefing, we’ll sign off with the best possible solution at the end of our collaboration. Needless to say, the more specific you are from the outset, the better the chances of success. So, while, ‘we want to increase sales’ is a fine starting point, we need more concrete objectives.

It’s not always an easy task, and we are more than happy to help you, but we do expect you to know your target. Otherwise, it gets really hard to hit the bull’s eye.

Manage your stakeholders

Poor stakeholder management is the number one killer of great branding. So, we expect you to ensure stakeholder alignment to the best of your ability.

It’s no easy task, we know. In fact, it might be the hardest part of high-level marcom, period.

When we sign on the dotted line, we will be your best friend and ally. We will do our very best to support your stakeholder alignment. But you’re the one on the inside, so you will do most of the managing.

Be honest

When we are working together, our agency almost becomes part of your organization. We need to know everything that relates to your project. Even the bits that wouldn’t normally see the light of day.

We do not work with half-truths. Who does? So, be honest with us. We promise you the same.

Trust us

Let’s face it: we’re working together for a reason. You hired experts to help you. So please, let us do our job.

Is it a match?

We love B2B and we won’t settle for mediocre. Pravda is for the bold, the bright, and the ambitious. For B2B brands that set the bar for the whole industry. That’s why we expect a lot from our clients. And if you’re into that sort of thing, know that you can expect so much more from us in return. Contact us if you feel like raising the bar – together.